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tooth composite and reshape before
tooth composite and reshape after

Composite and Reshape Before & After Pictures

This Patient did not like the shape and length of her laterals 7 and 10. Dr Calhoun used composite to reshape and lengthen 7 and 10.

buck teeth reduction before
buck teeth reduction after

“Buck Teeth” Reduction Before & After Pictures

Patient hated her super bright buck teeth. 6-11 or canine to canine crowns were done.

lingual wing before
lingual wing after

Lingual Wing Attachment Before & After Pictures

Patient had #7 congenitally missing. Several treatment options were available to her, Dr. Calhoun chose to have the lab fabricate a tooth for #7 lateral incisor with lingual wings attached to #6 canine and #8 maxillary central. This bridge will be temporary until Patient is 16 years old and eligible for an implant in this area. This bridge was permanently placed with core paste material.

front teeth reduction before procedure
front teeth reduction after procedure

Front Teeth Reduction Before & After Pictures

This Patient felt her two front teeth, 8 and 9, were too big and really disliked the darkness at the gum-line where her roots were exposed from tooth brush abrasion. Treatment on just 8 and 9 is a challenge due to shape and color matching so patient chose to have from #6 canine on right side to #11 canine on her left side crowned. This patient also had tooth brush abrasion on both canines 6 and 11, so with this treatment we were able to cover these areas with the crowns.  Patient was very pleased with her results.

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