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Cosmetic Dentist Tulsa>>

Oklahoma Dentist Sometimes, dental problems are more than just cavities. Maybe the problem you have with your teeth is more severe, or maybe you just think your teeth could look better. So, you turn to the internet, and search for something like “cosmetic dentist Tulsa OK” Not long later, you found your way over to us, and we got your teeth looking as good as ever. That is because Dr. Charles Calhoun, DDS, is one of the best in cosmetic dentistry, Tulsa! OU Dental Graduate, no offense pokes.

Family Dentist Tulsa

Charles Calhoun is a family man, not just to his children, but to his patients as well. He wants to build relationships with all the good Tulsans who walk through his door. Since 1989, Dr. Calhoun’s mission has not changed, and he wants to provide you and your family with quality dental care. He will treat you like one of his own.

Dentist Near Me

Rejoice, Tulsans! Gone are the days of driving outside your city to get to a dentist, because Charles Calhoun DDS is located right here in Tulsa. Now you have a South Tulsa Dentist, so next time you are on the lookout for a dentist near you, you know where to look. Find him on 10016 S Mingo Road.

Dentist South Tulsa

You might think to yourself, “With all the dentists in South Tulsa, why should I go to Charles Calhoun?” If you look at Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades, you will see the glowing praise this man has received.

Dentist Loved by South Tulsa

Dr. Calhoun has made a number of repeat customers over the years, some of which always look forward to seeing him. His patients describe him and his staff and kind and professional. Tulsans say that he does not just clean your teeth and send you on your way, he will teach you what he can so you can keep your teeth in the best possible condition. No wonder Tulsa loves Dr. Calhoun so much.

Dental Crown Tulsa

What if your issue is more serious, though? Maybe you are looking for dental crowns, Tulsa. You are in luck, Dr. Calhoun can help. When your teeth crack, chip, or decay, he can cap it with a variety of materials, including gold and porcelain. With his help, your capped teeth will look natural, and work like new. Dr. Calhoun is an expert in dental crowns, Tulsa, OK.

Dental Services

Dr. Calhoun provides numerous services for his patients. If you are looking for a particular kind of cosmetic dental care, he is bound to have it. Besides crowns, he also does restorations, bridgework, dental implants, and veneers.


If you need a filling, but do not want it to be obvious, no problem. Here, Dr. Calhoun can get you tooth colored fillings. Your teeth will remain untarnished, and you can go back to smiling with pride. Get restoration work done in Tulsa>>


Maybe you are missing a tooth, and are ready for your teeth to look as they did in the good old days. Lucky for you, this Tulsa dentist knows his bridgework. He can crown two of your teeth, and add a fake tooth. No one will ever know the difference. Missing multiple teeth? No need to worry, Dr. Calhoun can take care of that too. Get dental bridgework done in Tulsa>>

Dental Implants

Instead of bridgework, you can go for a minor procedure, and get dental implants instead. Here, a realistic porcelain replacement tooth is fused to your jawbone with tiny titanium posts. You will not have to worry about that breaking. From one tooth, to all your teeth, you can get your replacements here, Tulsa.


If your teeth are chipped, yellow, or crooked, Dr. Calhoun can help. With a veneer, he can use porcelain to cover your teeth, effectively working like enamel. It is so subtle, others will be asking you “How did you get your teeth looking so good?”

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With such a convenient location, great staff, and amazing cosmetic dental services, why not make Dr. Calhoun your dentist? You can schedule an appointment right here! You, and your smile, will not regret it.



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Dr. Calhoun AND his entire staff, Kathy, Sara, and Brandy are by far the BEST dental office that you will ever find! As a young child and adult, I have had problems with my teeth my entire life, so I have had the opportunity to visit numerous dentists. They are the most pleasant, warm, and friendly people that I have had work on my teeth. I recommend them completely! They are fantastic!!

Donna S.