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Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment

This article covers basic information that everyone needs to know about gum disease prevention and treatment. We'll go over information that you need to be aware of and remain vigilant about in order to understand gum disease prevention and treatment.

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Benefits Of Dental Veneers

Benefits Of Dental Veneers

This article will help you determine the answer to the question: Are dental veneers an option to fix your teeth? We’ll look at all the benefits and scenarios for when you should consider dental veneers.

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Tulsa Tooth Extractions

Tulsa Tooth Extractions

Tulsa Tooth Extractions | We are a Courteous Tooth Extraction dental office in Tulsa, Oklahoma | We give you some reasons why a tooth extraction may be necessary

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Dr. Calhoun AND his entire staff are by far the BEST dental office that you will ever find! As a young child and adult, I have had problems with my teeth my entire life, so I have had the opportunity to visit numerous dentists. They are the most pleasant, warm, and friendly people that I have had work on my teeth. I recommend them completely! They are fantastic!!

Donna S.

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